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First off: The class will be from now on W 4-6, in 204 Wheeler (not Dwinelle).

Second: If you haven't yet, please create a livejournal account and use it to fill out the 'prior experience' poll. I use it to try to tailor how I explain things, and as a comparison point for once the semester ends (and you can re-rate yourselves and see what changed). The URL is (though you need to log in on the main livejournal site first).

I would recommend that those of you thinking of taking the class for two units (and for that matter, the rest of you too) work on your phonetic inventory, phonology, phonotactics, and post it to the LJ community. You can of course post works-in-progress, questions, possibilities that you later end up revising, etc; the point is just to get *something* down, and get input from peers. If you're trying to aim for a particular effect (e.g. auxiliary language, a particular aesthetic 'feel', etc. etc.) let us know.

I am currently ripping the video taken of today's class, and will try to re-rip the last three days of last year's class (saved 'cause I still have the tapes) before next Monday. I will post them on Google Video and perhaps as well; I will post a link on livejournal. (Or in any case, you can find them by searching those two sites for the keyword 'conlangs'.)

If you weren't there today, or missed part of class, watch it.

I am adding everyone who was in class today and wrote down their LJ name as members of the LJ community; that's the only way to get in though. If you were there today and haven't yet made a username, email me to tell me what it is and I'll add you. If you weren't, come next time having made an account and tell me then.

The reader is attached again, in case you didn't get it last time. I strongly recommend you print out the IPA chart; the rest is at your discretion.

If you want a fully printed version, just go to the nearest copyshop (I'd recommend the one in Sather Lane - the little alley next to Ned's), open your mail, and print the document. It is ready to be printed (has appropriate page numbering, odd-page-breaks, etc; you just print it and ask 'em to bind it for you.

I'm going to ask for a couple volunteers to help me with a few things.

First, note-taking. I don't want to take the time out to write everything down on paper for myself that I write on the board - I'd like one (or better, two) of you to be the 'official note-taker' for the class. That just means making sure that you have a record of whatever we did that got written down (or was Decided), and maybe posting a short version of it to the LJ community from time to time.

Second, videography. When we move to the regular room, we'll probably be sitting in a horseshoe facing a board - it's useful to have someone operating the camera so that the writing gets captured clearly, or to get people (other than me) who are talking. This needn't be the same person every time of course.

Lastly, the Language Creation Society - a new student group I created - needs one more student signatory. We'll be planning (and holding) a conlangs symposium / conference in April/Mayish. Being a signatory is really easy - you just fill out two forms online, and make sure that you're fully registered as far as UC is concerned. Let me know if you're willing to help with that, or with the process of arranging the conference.

I think that covers everything. See you all next time - when we do some more translation of 'Sketch', and perhaps work on a writing system...
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