Sai (saizai) wrote in conlangs_decal,

Classroom; status updates

Well, that was a jump in signups today (14 to 19)... figures. I wonder how much it'll go up over the next couple weeks...

I talked to the department people today. I have CCNs now (for 98 and 198). They made a mistake and listed as 2 unit only (vs 1-2),  but that should be corrected at some point in the next few weeks. (They're not very fast about these things...) If you need the CCNs now, contact me and give me a good reason; otherwise, I'll be passing 'em out during the first class (in 1st week February).

I'm effectively locked out of scheduling a classroom for about three weeks; until then it'll have to be guerilla-style. Which is fine, 'cause I really don't know how large a class this will be, nor when exactly the best time will be yet. (Looking like M/W late afternoon though, so far.)

Translation: the first couple classes will probably be a bit erratic about location (and possibly even outdoors).

I can check out A/V equipment though, and will be in the process of re-ripping the last three videos from last year's class over the next few days. They were lost in a hard drive failure. I'm not sure of the dates of them, but it should give a better idea of what we did towards the end of the class last year, and what worked then is really what I'm basing a lot of this year on. I found it more successful than the lecture-style stuff I did in the beginning.

(Er, that reminds me: I will be videotaping all the classes again this year unless there are major cogent objections. If you don't want to be on camera, that can be arranged - just let me know [we'll just sit you behind the camera - perhaps as operator?]. It's really not a big deal and you get used to it within a class or two. And hey, we're recording for conlang posterity!)
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