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The first conlangs class of this semester will be WEDNESDAY OF NEXT WEEK (February 1st), 4-6.

Right now, the breakdown of who can attend what time slots is pretty sloppy, alas. What that means is, the timeslot with the most people in it is W 4-5 (16 people), followed by M 4-5 (14).

So: if you at all can, come on Wednesday sometime between 4 to 6. We will resolve the question of what the ongoing schedule will be, then. FWIW, I currently have sections MW3-4; I may change those around though. We'll see.

I can't actually reserve a room yet, so stand by for further anouncement about where it will be.

VOTE in the new poll to tell me what times you are available.

Also - I may need someone reliable to pick up the camera from downstairs Dwinelle before class (given how tight my schedule is). Any volunteers?

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